Things to do – Relax

Life is busy – this is your chance to slow down and catch up with yourself.

Hang out

The hammock in front of the Ecolodge is idyllic. Watch the clouds high in the blue sky above you and forget the buzz and hubbub of daily life. De-stress deep in the bush, concentrate on the bird song and the koalas snoozing in the treetops above you, close your eyes…


When did you last have the chance to read? Explore the Library in the Hall or make the most of the fiction swapping shelf in the Nature Gallery. Find a quiet spot in the bush or curl up by the fire.

Drawing & Painting

All around you are beautiful animals, plants and panoramic vistas just waiting for your artist’s touch.


There is nothing quite like a picnic – freshly prepared wraps, with cakes, fruit and a drink, maybe even a bottle of champagne. We can lend you a rug so you can find a secluded spot, unpack your lunch, and settle to enjoy a memorable afternoon.

*Available from the Ecolodge Kitchen, additional charges may apply.


Music is important in the Otway ranges. The Apollo Bay Music Festival is held in Autumn and attracts renowned artists in jazz, world, rock, blues, country, theatre and comedy. If you prefer opera, the Otways creates the perfect setting for the annual Opera in the Otways.

*Bookings and additional charges apply for events. Visit the event websites for details.