Things to do – Reflect

Shipwrecks & Colonisation

Embark on a journey through secluded coastal bushland, along pristine beaches and around rocky outcrops to learn the stories of Australia’s colonisation. For thousands of immigrants, Cape Otway was the first sight of land after many months of sea travel from Europe or North America. Hundreds of ships were wrecked along the treacherous coastline before reaching the safety of the Bass Strait. Join the son of one of the last Lightkeepers at Cape Otway on a personalised tour* and visit the Cape Otway Lightstation* to gain an insight into the romance, ruin and captivating history of Cape Otway.

*Bookings are essential and additional charges may apply.

Cultural Heritage

Since the beginning of time Cape Otway has been a very special place for indigenous Australians. Look carefully – shell middens, stone tools and ancient settlements and deeply spiritual places are all around you. You can also spend some time along the coast or in the forests with a custodian of indigenous culture on a tour which will touch your spirit.

*Tour bookings are essential and additional charges may apply.


The Great Ocean Ecolodge demonstrates sustainability in action. Explore the photovoltaic array that harvests the sunshine to provide your electricity, the solar water heaters which warm your water and the kitchen gardens which grow your food – taste the fresh strawberries, tomatoes or peas, they are so good while they are still full of sunshine.