A Day at Cape Otway

Ever wondered what a day at the Ecolodge entails. Here’s a snapshot!

You waken to the beautiful dawn chorus and the wild kangaroos grazing in the morning mist. A koala strolls across the front lawns in search of tasty eucalypt leaves. After breakfast some guests are going to visit the waterfalls and rainforests in the Otway Ranges, others are embarking on a day’s walking on the nearby Great Ocean Walk and some are visiting the Cape Otway Lightstation.

However, you are intrigued by the conservation and research work going on in the local area and you head down to the beach to check on nesting pairs of threatened Hooded Plovers. Along the spectacular windy coast you delight in finding that a pair of Hooded Plovers has laid two small eggs in their sandy nest. You observe them from a distance through binoculars so as to avoid disturbing them. Later you unpack your picnic lunch on a secluded sandy beach in the National Park, paddle in the shallows and explore the rock pools.

Back at the Ecolodge you hear that a little koala joey has been rescued following a car accident in which he was orphaned. Lizzie has examined him and is pleased that he is not badly injured. He is warm and is being rehydrated by one of the team and they are hopeful that an older female koala currently recovering at the Centre may adopt him.

Shayne is preparing for the Dusk Walk, a daily excursion exploring the extensive grounds of the Conservation Ecology Centre. Newly arrived guests will observe koalas dozing in the manna gum woodlands, watch the kangaroos and wallabies emerging into the grassy meadows to graze, and photograph the birdlife in the golden evening light. The chefs are in the Kitchen Garden gathering organic vegetables and salads for dinner.

Before dinner you share a drink with the other guests while you learn about the conservation and research programs at the Conservation Ecology Centre – the programs are inspiring and it is wonderful to hear about everything that is going on. You plan to sign up to assist with one of the coming field projects counting koalas or searching for quolls – what a great excuse to return.

The candlelight and the sunset cast a magical glow across the dinner table and the food is wonderful. You watch with the other guests as the little kangaroo joeys learn to hop on the Ecolodge lawns under the watchful gaze of their mothers.

After dinner you are invited to accompany some researchers into the night to record the nocturnal night sounds. As you step outside you hear the Powerful Owl calling. A glass of Otways Shiraz beside the cosy fire beckons, but how can you miss this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Of course, while you are more than welcome to put your name down to participate in the current conservation projects, the Great Ocean Ecolodge is a peaceful place to simply sit back and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, wonderful dining and unforgettable ambience.