Why stay

Staying at the Great Ocean Ecolodge is not only good for the world, it’s also good for you. Here’s a few of the reasons why we think you’ll love your stay:

  • Enjoy a sustainable holiday – with solar power and pure rainwater you can put your feet up while the world does the same.
  • Gain incredible insights into the area which will help you make the very most of your time. Our team live and breathe the Great Ocean Road – they have an intimate knowledge of the region, its weather, landscapes and wildlife and will be delighted to share this with you.
  • Feel uplifted by experiencing a genuine commitment to excellence in ecotourism. The Great Ocean Ecolodge has received numerous awards and accreditations including an advanced Ecotourism accreditation with Ecotourism Australia. It is also a founding member of Ecolodges of Australia and frequently used by Australian and international universities as a case study in Ecotourism excellence.
  • Feel rewarded for supporting wildlife conservation simply by taking a break – every dollar of profit generated by the Ecolodge is directly invested in conservation.
  • Make a valuable difference through hands-on participation in conservation projects, such as the Koala Conservation Experiences and the Tiger Quoll Conservation Experiences.

The Great Ocean Ecolodge, a social enterprise

The Great Ocean Ecolodge is the social enterprise run by the Conservation Ecology Centre. The Centre is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to inspiring confidence in the future through effective, innovative and engaging work to conserve wildlife and the ecosystems they depend on.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is an organisation that applies business strategies to achieving philanthropic goals – an exciting combination of pragmatics and ideals, where economic principles are applied to make the world a better place.

How does the Great Ocean Ecolodge support conservation?

Our mission is to operate an ecotourism business which:

  • distributes all of its profits into the conservation of Australian wildlife and ecosystems
  • engages and inspires people from all over the world, and
  • demonstrates sustainability in every aspect of its operation.

The Great Ocean Ecolodge offers guests a genuine and moving experience. Australian wildlife is unique and fascinating and at Cape Otway you can experience it in a setting which is both beautiful and uplifting. Imagine observing mobs of wild kangaroos while you enjoy breakfast, or watching koalas dozing high in the trees above you.

With us, you can also share close encounters with endangered species and participate in conservation projects designed to protect them. You can even get involved in helping the team care for injured and orphaned wildlife undergoing rehabilitation for return to the wild through activities such as collecting natural foods.

Our organisation is all about conserving wildlife and living both comfortably and sustainably alongside these animals in the Australian bush – come and share in these stories.

What projects does the Great Ocean Ecolodge support?

  • on-ground conservation works such as habitat restoration and rehabilitation
  • ecological monitoring and research to help uncover the secrets which will keep our precious wildlife safe
  • the operation of a 24hr wildlife rescue service
  • the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife so they can be released back to the wild

You can learn more about the Conservation Ecology Centre by visiting our website.