Our People

Great Ocean Ecolodge Team

The skills, knowledge and experience of our team is our greatest asset.

With outstanding professionalism, dedication, passion and a friendly smile, they go above and beyond every day to create the very special Great Ocean Ecolodge experience. Our philosophy is that the team who plays together stays together. We work hard, have lots of fun, respect one another’s skills and experience and feel privileged to work in such a magnificent place.

Founders, Lizzie Corke & Shayne Neal

The Great Ocean Ecolodge and Conservation Ecology Centre are the life’s work of Shayne and Lizzie.

Growing up in the Australian bush lead them to study Zoology and Natural Resource Management and during this time they learned how fragile the world’s ecosystems are. They understood not only the importance of caring for ecosystems but also the imperative for inspiring and engaging others in conservation. Together they founded the Conservation Ecology Centre, a non profit organisation which reconnects and re-engages people with the natural world, increasing understanding through vital research, restoring wild places and caring for wildlife. Through the Great Ocean Ecolodge they invite us all to be a part of this special place.


The Great Ocean Ecolodge opened in 2004 and since then has received a number of awards including the Victorian Tourism Award for Best New Tourism Development just three months after opening. In 2005 the Great Ocean Ecolodge was awarded Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation by Ecotourism Australia and, thanks to our incredible team, it continues to be upheld as an example of ecotourism best practice.

Ecolodge Managers

Since October 2015 Karlijn Sas and Stephan Ras have joined the team at The Great Ocean Ecolodge and Conservation Ecology Centre as Managers of the Ecolodge. The couple is dedicated to communicate the work of the Conservation Ecology Centre and the work Lizzie and Shayne have created. Moreover, these hospitality professionals truly enjoy spending time with guests to assist in their itinerary so they get most out of their stay here in the Otway forests. They have a passion for eco tourism, sustainability, and developing an interesting guest experience with local products such as wines, beers, coffee, tea, and homegrown vegetables on site. Stephan has a Master of science in Educational Studies and feels right at home with his management skills and enjoys engaging with guests about all that the area and the Conservation Ecology Centre has to offer. Karlijn has a Master of science in Cultural Studies and has transformed the Gallery of The Great Ocean Ecolodge that now features many of the threatened species in the Otway’s. Our managers, Stephan and Karlijn, wish you a welcome stay and look forward to meeting you!

Meet the Conservation & Research Team

Visit the Conservation Ecology Centre website to learn more about our people, including our Patron and Board, and our dedicated Research Team.