Our Conservation Projects

The Conservation Ecology Centre was founded to assist with the protection and conservation of unique Australian flora and fauna.

We are a not-for-profit ecological research, conservation and wildlife rehabilitation centre dedicated to protecting and understanding Australian ecosystems. Many of the threats to biodiversity occur outside of protected areas, so our efforts are focused across the landscape and include working in a variety of land tenures, from National Parks to private land.

Research is important for gaining understanding so that conservation efforts can be implemented appropriately and for the most positive impact.

Our current conservation programs include:Otway Threatened Species Research Network

  • Tiger Quoll Flagship Program
  • Great Ocean Road Koala Habitat Rescue
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation
  • Habitat Restoration’
  • Otway Conservation Dogs
  • Mana Gum Reserve
  • Research

Learn more about Our Conservation Projects by visiting the Conservation Ecology Centre website.